Clinical Pilates: The Best Exercise to Manage Chronic Back Pain

Clinical Pilates: The Best Exercise to Manage Chronic Back Pain

September 12, 2019 Health & Wellbeing 0
Clinical Pilates for Back Pain

With many exercise techniques being developed and introduced into our daily lives on a continual basis, has made it quite hard for people to choose the best type of exercise based on their current situation or circumstances.

Without in-depth knowledge about specific exercise techniques to know exactly what is best for themselves, many people decide to engage in certain exercise regimes based upon either what is currently the ‘in thing’ to do or perhaps what their friends are doing. This might not be an issue for people looking to just stay in shape and maintain a somewhat active lifestyle, however what about if you have an injury and looking for the most appropriate form of exercise that isn’t too invasive and will provided the best treatment to getting you back on the road to recovery?

Depending on your unique injury or what your specialist has advised you do in the form of rehabilitation, in this article we want outline why Clinical Pilates sydney is one of the best exercise options today and why it should be incorporated into your exercise routine moving forward to maintain a healthy life.

We’ll also try and equipped you with all the necessary information so you have the required knowledge to make the best decision for what you believe you need to facilitate a successful rehabilitation program.

So, what is clinical Pilates?   

Clinical Pilates is a specific type of physical exercises that is focused on your core, with stability, posture, strength, control, balance, breathing, and flexibility all playing a huge role in this type of exercise. A man called Joseph Pilates developed the famous Pilates Method in Germany at the beginning of the past century, which has now been one of the most widely adopted exercise routine around the world.   

The field of physiotherapy also takes advantage of the things that clinical Pilates has in store for it. Clinical Pilates is useful in treating a wide array of injuries such as back, neck or even hip injuries. There is also plenty of literature that supports the use of clinical Pilates to treat a wealth of injuries, which highlights its impact it has on society these days.   

Perfect treatment for Lower back Pain  

Do you suffer from lower back pain? If so, clinical Pilates is for you, because it has been designed to help strengthen the appropriate muscles and ligaments that’s supports lower back pain treatment. The useful clinical Pilates will work hard to re-train any stabilizing muscle at a deep level if you have low-back pain too, and there is research that demonstrates this at all times.   

Pilates is focused on recruiting and re-training any stabilising muscle in the body, and this is called core stability. You will also improve your flexibility, strength and posture if you engage Pialtes on a regular basis. Remember that clinical Pilates will be specific to your particular problem, no matter what injury you suffer from.   

Whilst the core principles of Pilates still applies to all forms of Pilates, clinical Pilates is often referred to as Pilates that supports rehabilitation – either from injury or accident, that is purely focused on the areas impacted to help you build up strength and mobility that was lost due to the injury.

Health professionals recommend clinical Pilates to treat specific injuries with tailor-made exercise regimes so patients get the desired results as soon as possible. For example, if you have suffered a serious neck injury or perhaps suffer from constant migraines, specialist are able to apply headache physiotherapy treatment using variations of Pilates to help not only relieve, but manage the pain area. 

We have talked about what clinical Pilates can do for you not matter your situation, so hopefully you feel more informed so that you can make the right choose or perhaps have a better appreciation of what clinical Pilates has to offer. If you have issues with your low-back, then clinical Pilates can help you resolve and manage this type of chronic pain. This is particularly important to think about when you have an injury, but also give you something to consider if you are pregnant and expecting. Pilates also has the ability to successfully get your body ready for childbirth, strengthening the right muscles to prepare you. Often referred to as pregnancy physiotherapy, it has become one of, if not, the most popular form of exercise for women who are pregnant that are expecting a baby.  

Remember that clinical Pilates is just here to stay for a long time. Physiotherapy also uses a lot of good things that clinical Pilates has in store for this field of the health world. Yes, clinical Pilates is here to stay for a long time because they can give you the relief that you need to get today in the world of injuries.

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